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The Real Deal: Marc Held, Partner, Held & Hines, LLP Quoted in Lawsuit: 225 Rector Condominium

02/20/09 Rector Square buyers allege condo used for dorms, hotel stays By David Jones  Units at Rector Square allegedly available per night and for students Nearly a year after gaining regulatory approval, Rector Square developer Yair Levy failed to disclose the building’s financial records to buyers at the troubled condominium, offered vacant apartments for extended-stay hotel guests and sold at least 10 apartments for use as college dorm rooms, according to attorneys and complaints filed with state Attorney General Andrew […]

NY Post: Marc Held, Partner, Held & Hines, Quoted Re: Lawsuit Battery Park City

CONDO CRISIS HITS WALL ST. HIGH ROLLERS   By MAX GROSS February 17, 2009 Dozens of financial-industry professionals may lose their new Battery Park City condos because the building’s developer allegedly defaulted on debt payments, which forced the property into foreclosure and threatens an immediate shut-off of heat and electricity. It’s a bitter irony for the residents of 225 Rector St. – many of whom made fortunes on Wall Street – that the nationwide bank-fueled foreclosure crisis has come full […]

NY TIMES: Marc Held, Partner, Held & Hines LLP, Quoted in the Real Estate Section

A Condo Toughens Its Stance and Tightens Its Belt By TERI KARUSH ROGERS Published: February 6, 2009 GALVANIZED by a rash of arrears, the St. Tropez — a 34-year-old 301-unit condominium on East 64th Street and First Avenue — scrambled into battle station mode last year. “We’ve had maybe one or two arrearages on a regular basis since 2006 when I got on the board,” said Marc Held, a member until December. “And then last year it went to 10 […]

NY Post: Held & Hines Lawsuit vs. CIPRIANI covered by the media (1-18-09)

CIPRIANI SON CHARGED IN CLUBBING DRUBBING By SUSAN EDELMAN and BRAD HAMILTON January 18, 2009 What a meatball! The son of embattled restaurateur Giuseppe Cipriani served up a knuckle sandwich outside a ritzy Chelsea nightclub – punching out a limo driver, police and the chauffeur said. They said Ignazio Cipriani, 20, was drunk and mouthing off to doormen because they wouldn’t let him into 1Oak on Dec. 13. Chauffeur Bajram Spahijoska, 31, said he had been waiting outside for a […]

NY Post: Held & Hines, LLP Case Referenced

FISHY NUPTIALS FIASCO By IKIMULISA LIVINGSTON January 5, 2009 A proud father wanted the best for his daughter on her wedding day, but the fairy-tale event turned into a $100,000 fiasco that ended with the blushing bride kneeling over the toilet vomiting the night away from alleged food poisoning. Simon Attias and his newlywed daughter, Rene Attias-Klinger, are suing the Garden City Hotel on Long Island and caterers for the nuptial nightmare in November 2007. The Chilean sea bass the […]

CNN: Marc Held, Partner, Held & Hines, LLP Quoted Re: Don Imus Lawsuit

NEW YORK (CNN) — Radio show host Don Imus is the target of a lawsuit saying he undercut advertisements about a book by President Gerald Ford by making disparaging comments about it and the company that published it. The lawsuit alleges Don Imus made fun of the advertiser and President Ford while reading a book ad. The book dealt with the Warren Commission’s investigation of the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Flatsigned Press Inc. paid for Don Imus […]

SMOKING GUN – Marc Held, Partner, Held & Hines, LLP Quoted Re: Don Imus

mus Sued Over Radio Spots Advertiser claims host disparaged them…in their own commercials JANUARY 24–A Tennessee company is suing Don Imus for $4 million after the radio host allegedly disparaged the firm last year while reading its commercials on his show. FlatSigned Press alleges that Imus made snide comments about the company as he read spots advertising its sale of copies of the Warren Commission report signed by President Gerald Ford, a member of the government panel that investigated the […]

DAILY NEWS – Marc Held, Partner, Held & Hines, LLP Quoted Re: Don Imus Lawsuit

Book publisher sues Don Imus over ‘cheesy’ comment BY JOSE MARTINEZ DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Thursday, January 24th 2008, 3:58 PM A company that sells autographed books is steamed at Don Imus for trashing their product on the air as “cheesy” during paid commercial spots. Flatsigned Press has slapped the I-Man with a $4 million suit, charging he cracked crude jokes at the company’s expense last January in ads touting copies of a book signed by President Gerald Ford, who […]

USA TODAY – Marc Held, Partner, Held & Hines LLP is Quoted RE. Don Imus Lawsuit

NEW YORK — Don Imus is being sued for more than $4 million by an advertiser on his former show who says the radio shock jock badmouthed the company and called its commercials for a book by the late President Gerald Ford “cheesy.” Flatsigned Press Inc., a book publisher based in Nashville, says Imus insulted the company last year in ads it paid for to promote a book by Ford on the Warren Commission’s investigation into the 1963 assassination of […]

Bloomberg: Marc Held, Partner, held & Hines, LLP quoted: Lawsuit vs. Don Imus

Viacom’s Infinity, Imus Sued By Auction Site Over Ad (Update1) By Patricia Hurtado Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) — Viacom Inc.’s Infinity Broadcasting radio unit and Don Imus were sued by an Internet auction site and publisher that claims the radio host disparaged it during paid promotional spots in 2007 for the planned sale of limited-edition books signed by President Gerald R. Ford. Imus returned to talk radio last month and pledged to be a “better person’ after an eight-month exile for […]

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